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How it works:

Buyers post their construction material needs. Construction material suppliers bid to win orders. One-round blind auctions encourage the most competitive pricing without collusion.

$5 Job Credits and $5 Bid Reserve fees are non-refundable. While the cost to post or bid is low, Buyers or Bidders that cancel jobs will have this reflected on their accounts. BidBird will reflect this so other Buyers or Bidders may see their ratings and decide whether to place a bid or accept a bid in the future.

After the bidding period ends the Buyer pays material fees and Arizona sales tax for sales in the state. (For states outside Arizona tax collection will soon be automatic in the popular states. Each state has it's own tax threshold for marketplace facilitators. e.g. Tennessee has a $500,000 threshold that must be met before being required to remit sales tax to Tennessee based sales.)

When the Buyer's payment clears the Bidder is notified and the transaction is complete. Payment is issued to the supplier when delivered to a job site. BidBird fees are 12% of the total bid and are split between Bidders & Buyers. These fees are separate from the $5 Job Credits and $5 Bid Reserves. We recommend Bidders add 6% to their bid, so they are remitted what is needed for their company. The Buyer sees the final price.

BidBird aims to create a drama-free marketplace with reasonable fees and great value.