BidBird®: Nest

Nest will be available very soon (mid August 2021).

In the meantime, sign up for free and select "Manufacturer" in your dashboard. We'll notify you when uploading is available!


Have a flock of products ready to fly?

BidBird now allows Manufacturers to upload their products to our Nest—our fowl word for digital catalog.

Buyers can select your product when they post their job (or if they opt - in to substitutions, Bidders can recommend your product for the order).

Since YOU control how your products are posted in the Nest, suppliers and distributors will see all the right specs.

The best part? View where your products are selected or are on-deck for a sale in live-time.

With our Nest feature, you can:

    ✓ Seamlessly maintain accurate specifications, drawings, and manufacturer details.

    ✓ Access new markets to increase revenue for your products.

    ✓ Drive your contracted suppliers & distributors to bid on specific jobs.

    ✓ Easily view current jobs seeking your products (or your competitor’s).

Post your first 25 products for free.

After that, select our ultra-affordable annual plan for unlimited product uploads.

Register for BidBird®

✓ Create a free account, here.

✓ Login and add your company on your dashboard.

✓ Click manufacturers tab in dashboard to start posting your products. (available mid-March 2021)