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The first construction marketplace,
at your fingertips.

Trevor Pan at 1st Bus Stop Ad - Phoenix

Trevor Pan, BidBird Founder & registered Arizona architect.

Spending 21 years as an architect immersed in construction, manufacturing, and design, I’ve built a unique understanding of the construction industry’s constant movements and challenges.

I know that construction professionals are exhausted by the RFP game—and the collusion that can come along with it.

I’ve seen invasive service platforms that trap users into thinking they’re a lead generating machine, but then unethically charge them thousands with no quality results.

When I set off to launch BidBird, I wanted to eliminate the red tape and corruption for suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, and building owners. And when my barber approved the irresistible alliteration of the name, BidBird was born.

BidBird is the new way for construction professionals to achieve a constant-but-necessary thing: capture competitive bids for their materials through an efficient process.

At its core, our mission is simple. We connect construction industry professionals around the country through an honest platform that doesn’t cost users unreasonable fees, or their dignity.

With its simplicity comes big things. BidBird is an opportunity to beat out the “big guys” by just a penny, equalizing the hunt for businesses around the country.

We strive to combine high-value jobs + the innovation to evolve with construction professionals’ needs to transform businesses, one bid at a time.