How it Works

RFPs have never been this easy.

Buyers post their construction material needs. Material suppliers bid to win orders. One-round blind auctions eliminate collusion and encourage the most competitive pricing.

Really, it’s that simple.

Our mission at BidBird is to connect contractors, building owners, suppliers, and manufacturers in a streamlined marketplace that holds high-value jobs (minimum $3,500) without the strenuous hunt for proposals.


Buy a $5 Job Credit

Enter what materials/products you need

Set the auction deadline and let the bids roll in.


Search by materials/products you sell

Buy a $5 Bid Reserve

Place your bid.

When the auction ends, the Buyer and the winning Bidder will connect to coordinate the material delivery, pick-up, or shipment.

→ If materials are picked up or delivered, confirmation codes are confirmed, and funds are dispersed via check or Stripe.

→ If materials are shipped, the tracking number is scanned, and funds are dispersed via check or Stripe.

Ready to start?


The fine print, enlarged:

  1. $5 Job Credits and $5 Bid Reserve fees are refundable if no one bids or buys.
  2. Buyers & Bidders each pay 6% fee (12% of the total bid, split between Buyer and Bidder).
  3. Buyer pays materials fees + sales tax.
  4. Job cancellations from a Buyer or Bidder will display on the Buyer’s or Bidder’s BidBird account. For more, see BidBird’s Terms of Use.