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A fertile hunting ground for contractors & building owners.

Construction material suppliers and manufacturers compete in our blind auctions to beat each other by as little as one cent—filling sales gaps with large, lucrative sales.

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  • Keep your material suppliers honest.
  • Encourage local, regional and out of state bidders to supply your materials. Increase earnings on your material purchases.
  • Use the bid invitations form to get known suppliers to bid your material - see if they're treating you right.
Building Owners
  • Purchase bulk material for your maintenance department
  • BidBird is the RFP methodology of the future.
Material Suppliers
  • Find high value jobs to bid
  • Faster sales cycle
  • Access new markets
  • Sell your products direct. Win big.
  • New product? Find a market.
  • Looking for raw materials? e.g. place an order for steel ingots, iron ore & more to make your steel framing members.
Contractors on BidBird
  • RustyT, Inc.
  • Project Construction, LLC
  • The Hollywood Bug Guys, LLC
  • Sigma Contracting, Inc.
  • AAT Construction Consulting, LLC
Building Owners on BidBird
  • MetroTown Assets Management LLC, LLC
  • Trevor Pan Architects, PLLC
  • Bryant Commercial Real Estate, LLC
  • The UPS Store #2020, Inc.
  • BidBird, LLC
Material Suppliers on BidBird
  • Arizona Restaurant Supply, Inc.
Manufacturers on BidBird
  • Maderas y Derivados PERVILL, Inc.
  • Woodfold Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Versico Roofing Systems, Inc.
  • SKyFX, Individual
Logistics Companies on BidBird
  • GJH Logistics Services, LLC
Financial Companies on BidBird
  • Midtown Law, Inc.