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Dropbox Recognizes BidBird

Sunday, October 11 & 25, 2020 The New York Times

Thank you Dropbox ~

Save time and score multiple bids with just one post.

Buyers post material needs. Suppliers bid to win orders. One-round blind auctions support the most competitive pricing.


✓ Keep materials suppliers honest through blind bids.

✓ Eliminate time spent collecting proposals from different suppliers.

✓ Discover new local, regional, and national suppliers.

Building Owners

✓ Find the best price for your bulk material needs.

✓ Save time with access to multiple bids from different suppliers.

✓ Keeps your maintenance costs down.

Material Suppliers

✓ Access high-value jobs to bid on anonymously.

✓ Experience faster sales cycles.

✓ Connect with new markets.


✓ Sell direct to buyers who need what you have.

✓ Locate a lucrative market for your new product.

✓ Find raw materials to sell your finished product.

How it Works
Who’s on BidBird (just a few)
  • SKyFX, Individual ~ Manufacturer
  • The UPS Store #2020, Inc. ~ Building Owner
  • RustyT, Inc. ~ Contractor
  • MetroTown Assets Management LLC, LLC ~ Building Owner
  • Bryant Commercial Real Estate, LLC ~ Building Owner
  • Maderas y Derivados PERVILL, Inc. ~ Manufacturer
  • Project Construction, LLC ~ Contractor
  • Versico Roofing Systems, Inc. ~ Manufacturer
  • Mesa Plumbing Co, LLC ~ Contractor
  • GJH Logistics Services, LLC ~ Logistics
  • The Hollywood Bug Guys, LLC ~ Contractor
  • AAT Construction Consulting, LLC ~ Contractor
  • Woodfold Manufacturing, Inc. ~ Manufacturer
  • Arizona Restaurant Supply, Inc. ~ Material Supplier
  • DNR CONSTRUCTION, LLC ~ Contractor
  • BidBird, LLC ~ Building Owner
  • Midtown Law, Inc. ~ Finance
  • Trevor Pan Architects, PLLC ~ Building Owner
  • Sigma Contracting, Inc. ~ Contractor