Commercial Roofing Plates and Fasteners (Or Equal)

Commercial Roofing Plates and Fasteners (Or Equal) image




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Job Description:

- We are looking to source various high density commercial roofing fasteners and plates. Product Description: Quantities Heavy Duty Fastener (.260" Thread Diameter) : 7" 400,000 (1,600 Cartons) 8" 400,000 (1,600 Cartons) 3" 200,000 (800 Cartons) 3" Insulation Plates: 500,000 (500 Cartons) 2-3/8" Barbed Plates: 500,000 (500 Cartons) This order may need to be custom made. Samples will be required before purchase.

Delivery Method: delivery

State: Arizona

Zip Code: 85021

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